Another soccer blog?

Welcome one and all to the next step into my foray into blogging, but this time surrounding something that I am truly passionate about: all things Women’s Soccer. When I say all things, please know that I mostly mean all things National Women’s Soccer League and U.S. Women’s National Team.

This blog is intended to be stripped down, something that even those who don’t know a corner kick from a penalty kick can follow, and at the same time provide insight into the current U.S. women’s league and team for all of the inquiring minds.

I know what question you’re asking: Why Ali, do we need a blog like this and why are you devoting your time to telling the internet about all things WOSO related?

To that I give you a few simple answers. Women’s soccer is making waves in a big way. If you ask anyone, most people can tell you something about the most recent Women’s World Cup or even the upcoming Olympics. They can probably mutter a few things to you about Hope Solo or Mia Hamm and probably if they thought hard enough can muster a thought about the current equal pay dispute. Even so, clearly it is not a household discussion or an every day thought for most people. With the amount of coverage the women’s team is currently getting, they are about to explode onto the scene in unforeseeable ways and could very well be making their way into becoming every day run of the mill celebrities and conversation starters.

My other answer would be, this is my passion. I care about this sport. I care about the growth of this sport. I care to an absurd level that the world has as much knowledge as possible about the blood sweat and tears that these players are putting into the game now in order to grow the game for the women of the future.

I end this with a few promises about what this blog will offer:

  • Weekly NWSL updates: game coverage, teams to look out for, spill your beer moments and the ultimate growth of the league.
  • USWNT highlights, updates and goings on: leading up to the Olympics look forward to updates about the current roster, injuries, group of death anxiety and youngins on the rise.
  • Player profiles, college players on the rise, rookies before all of the hope is beaten out of them and old favorites.
  • Growth of the game: how WOSO is growing in the U.S. and beyond.

Thanks for indulging me, encouraging me and above all giving me a platform to express all of my soccer related thoughts.

Until next time,

Soccer Junkie out.


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